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Introduction About - Earthsacpe Series

The inspiration of this series also came from his expedition into the Endou Rompin tropical forest. During the expedition, he discovered the beauty of the rocky cliff and river boulders which he has seldom experienced.  Choong used paper pulp and hand made paper on which he stained and sprayed to reinterpret the tactile surface and beautiful formation of the hanging cliffs of river rocks.  More importantly is the message of his work which conveyed that although the rock are hard and solid, they cannot avoid the erosion process. Although mountain remain unchanged visually, it still faced with the seasonal changes of the vegetation. It is the Ying and Yang.eternal and temporal relationship which he wish to convey


外观其貌 内窥其奥 歌颂大地之奥妙


To observe the appearance from without and view the secret from within to hymn the wonderful Earth

All things spring forth from the bowels of the Earth, live on the Earth and return to the Earth

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Dr Choong Kam Kow is a well know senior contemporary artist, a leading art & design educationist  and an independent curator in Malaysia. .

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