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Introduction About - GungFu Series


Practicing taiji / qigong, in the East, west, north and south, has long been existed.

Manipulating the qi, the body and mind are complementing each other, harmonized and vatalized.

Practise to maintain fitness regularly without break, one  feels  peaceful and free.

The portrayal of body movements and postures to manipulate qi (energy) during taji practice, together with the incorporation of Chinese texts and calligraphy  employed in casual, expressive yet controlled manner is  to create profound cultural symbolism and dynamism in my work.. The taiji and qi manipulation is  transformed into visual expression in order to manifest the oriental spirit and character .

In recent years,   I have been engaged in portraying the postures of taiji and qigong (chi kung) on my canvas to convey the rhythmic vitality in the human body. The movements of human form is captured and frozen as a means to reveal the rhythm of  qi, the main energy for maintaining the vitality of our body and mind.  It is a reflection of my personal experience in qigong practice which has helped me to stay fit.

In  the  modern world,  the practice of taiji /qigong for fitness and health has become part and parcel of our life.




练功运气,身神互动 和谐,



近年来,我在画面上描绘各种太极和气功的运气动作及架姿,试图表达我们体 内的磅礴生气与自然和谐。 把各种运气的动作,凝定在在画面上,以显现  一种维持身心气韵和谐及蓬勃生气的功力。这是一种个人修炼太极气功以保健养生的实践经验的反映。

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Dr Choong Kam Kow is a well know senior contemporary artist, a leading art & design educationist  and an independent curator in Malaysia. .

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