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Introduction About - New York Series

The New York Series encopasses the period 1965 t0 1968, These attempts reflect hsi rustic Asian reation towards the metropolitan Western world, in his case form rural Perak to the city of New York to face cultural shock and the newcorner's bewildered syndrome.

The organic-cum-geometric visual essays he did then reflect the tension he experienced in the fast, hectic world of New York, he combined hard-edged shape with textured pathes of impasto embedded with sand pebbles in his oil compositions, Geometrical and biomorphic shapes are also used in his etchings of the period. in them,there are the marks not unlike the efforts of Hans Holffman and Clifford Still.

The Series show the application of formal contrasts resulting in visual dynamics, illusion are concocted and activate the space of the object in the mode of New York Art School, The colors are pushed or propelled backward or forward. Texture, handling and visual weight are explored deftly.

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Dr Choong Kam Kow is a well know senior contemporary artist, a leading art & design educationist  and an independent curator in Malaysia. .

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