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SEA-Thru Series (1971 - 1975)
SEA-Thru Series (1971 - 1975)

SEA-Thru Series (1971 - 1975)

 " a slant on semantics "

Introduction About -SEA Thru Series

The SEA-Thru Series covers the period 1971 to 1975, it is as pointed out by artist and art critic Syed Ahmad Jamal of Malaysia, "a slant on semantics".

The series consist of relief in panels of threes, fours of five. The series are set of panel in relief, Each panel has a square opning. Each panel symbolizes yin and yang. There is the solid and the void, that which is fulfilled and unfulfilled and, Choong was then delving into Zen Buddhism and Taosit philosophy. The I-Ching, the Book of Change, was expounded for enlightenment Tai Chi (Tai Ji) was mediated upon. The mystical Orient and its nuances at this stage hovered prominently in his art. He has pushed the minimal concept of it s limit
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Dr Choong Kam Kow is a well know senior contemporary artist, a leading art & design educationist  and an independent curator in Malaysia. .

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