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Choong Kam Kow's works are in the permanent collection of numerous art museums, galleries and private collectors in Asia, Europe & America.
5th month festival 2 1977   5th month festival 4 1977
5th Month Festival 2 (1977)  34cm x 38cm   5th Month Festival 4 (1977)  34cm x 38cm
Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York   Collection: Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
co existence 2004   earth of song 1992
Co-eistence (2004)  151cm x 121cm   Earth of Song 92-1 (1992)  151cm x 121cm
Collection: SGM Malaysia   Collection: National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia
fesitve mood 88 1 1988   festive mood 85 3 1985
Festive Mood 88-1 (1988)  122cm x 92cm x 3cm   Festive Mood 85-3 (1985)  114cm x 80cm x 5cm
Collection: Taipe Fine Art Museum, Taiwan   Collection: Singapore Art Museum
festive mood 85 4 1985   han 5th month festival 1977
Festive Mood 85-4 (1985)  114cm x 80cm x 5cm   Han & 5th Month Festival (1997)  56cm x 45cm
Collection: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan   Collection: The Metropolitan Museum, New York
image identity 1 1995   image identity 2 1996
Image & Identity 1 (1995)  138cm x 122cm   Image & Identity 2 (1996)  137cm x 107cm
Collection: Petronas Art Gallery, Malaysia   Collection: Perak Art Foundation, Malaysia
layer of drageon tradition1 2001   layer of drageon tradition2 2002
Layer of Dragon Tradition 1 (2001)  151cm x 121cm   Layer of Dragon Tradition 2 (2002)  151cm x 121cm
Collection: Guangdng Museum of Art, China   Collection: National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia
rythm of growth IV 1987   rythm of growth VI 1988
Rhythm of Growth IV (1987)  141cm x 109cm x 6cm   Rhythm of Growth Vi (1988)  152cm x 122cm
Collection: MP Fraiser Private Hospital, L.A., USA   Collection: Fukuoka Cultural Foundation, Japan
space continum 1   vibration
Spec Continuum 1  122cm x 91cm x 3cm   Vibration  213cm x 152cm
Collection: The Insurance Company for Teachers, Denmark   Collection: National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia
shidacollection R 1961    
Nude Oil (1961)    
Collection: National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan    

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drchoong kam kow
Dr. Choong Kam Kow is a well known
senior contemporary artist,
a leading art & design educationist and
an independent curator in Malaysia


Major Collection

arrow Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, USA
arrow National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia
arrow Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
arrow Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
arrow National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan
arrow Frederikshavn Art Museum, Denmark
arrow National Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan
arrow Singapore Art Museum
arrow Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
arrow Kyushu Sangyo University Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
arrow Art Museum, Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, University City, Guangzhou, China
arrow Philip Frasier Private Hospital, L.A. USA
arrow Laane-Og Sparekassen for Offenttige Ansatte, Denmark (The Bank for Public Employment)
arrow Laerestandens Brandforsikring, Denmark (The Insurance Company for Teachers, Denmark)
arrow Dafolo, Denmark (The Official Printing Company for School System, Denmark)
arrow Galeri Petronas, Malaysia
arrow Bank Negara (National Bank of Malaysia)
arrow Perak Art Foundation, Malaysia
arrow Zain & Co., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
arrow Kedah State Art Gallery, Malaysia
arrow Kelantan State Art Gallery, Malaysia
arrow Museum Art Gallery, University of Science, Malaysia
arrow University of the Pacific, Stockton, California, USA
arrow Kampo Harada Collection, Kyoto, Japan
arrow The Aldrich Collection, University of Brighton, UK
arrow The Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK
arrow Fukuoka Cultural Foundation, Japan
arrow Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Malaysia
arrow IJM Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
arrow Association of Bank, Malaysia
arrow Esso Companies in Malaysia
arrow Mobil Companies in Malaysia
arrow Shell Companies in Malaysia
arrow Chung Khiaw Bank & Lee Wah Bank (now UOB)
arrow Chase Manhattan Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
arrow United Asian Bank
arrow Private collections at home and abroad


arrow 美国纽约大都会美术馆
arrow 马来西亚国家美术馆
arrow 日本福冈亚洲美术馆
arrow 台北市立美术馆
arrow 台湾国立历史博物馆
arrow 马来西亚国家银行美术馆
arrow 丹麦佛德列士汉美术馆
arrow 台湾国立美术馆
arrow 新加坡美术馆
arrow 广东美术馆
arrow 马来西亚国家石油公司美术馆
arrow 霹雳州立艺术基金会
arrow 吉打州立画廊
arrow 马来西亚国家理工大学典藏部
arrow 日本日观峰艺术典藏馆
arrow 美国加州太平洋大学典藏部
arrow 英国柏莱登大学奥得立兹典藏部
arrow 公共及私人机构典藏